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Croatia Health Insurance

In 2012, Croatia Health Insurance included a program for the improvement of life quality entitled «Anti-Stress Program» as an innovative supplement to any of the basic choices in it's health insurance options.

Partners Žito – Osijek (Privately owned Company)

The first Croatian company to include its employees in the E Rejuvenation corporate program in 2010, by introducing the first E Rejuvenation Centre into the company's structure. Žito is proud to say it's the first Croatian company to implement the world trend of investing in its employees health and wellbeing by taking care of their energy.

Kaliper Centre for Isokinetics and Sports Medicine

Kaliper centre is our professional partner. The synergy of both programs speeds up the achievement of clients' targeted aims, from the promotion of health, to the enhancement of athletes' performances by using state-of-the-art diagnostics, prevention and rehabilitation methods.


Stjepan Mesić, former President of the Republic of Croatia

E Rejuvenation is great! After just a few ER programs, I felt ready for new political success. This is an excellent method of renewing your energy. When you recharge your batteries, you feel great. I feel healthy and vigorous even at the age of 78.

Croatian Maintenance Society, published in Maintworld (Publication of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies)

E Rejuvenation enables a win-win combination for both parties; employees and employers alike because this new innovative concept of investment in a person, an employee and a company.


Croatian Association for Stress Medicine and Consultants of the European Commission for Stress

The E Rejuvenation program is a good exampe of a holistically defined approach based on «the expertise of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the guidelines of something that Dr. Herbert Benson, the famous American stress expert, calls "the medicine of mind and body". In a short period, this program results in the restoration of lost strength and inner peace preventing the adverse effects of stress on health».

The program is primarily suitable for managers and businessmen who are in their everyday life exposed to a high intensity of stress and therefore we definitely recommend this program.

Prof. Vladimir Gruden, Psychologist and Scientist

The E Rejuvenation program for a healthy pregnancy

Due to the unquestionable negative impact of stress on spontaneous miscarriage and foetus health, pregnant women and high-risk pregnant women in particular should be protected from chronic stress effects by a continuous and professionally guided anti-stress program.

The E Rejuvenation Centres' program is a good example of such a holistically defined approach. I recommend strongly this program, especially to pregnant women.

Nataša Desnica, Sports Medicine Doctor

As a long-standing sports medicine doctor, I strongly recommend the E Rejuvenation program to all athletes, especially to top level ones. The program is very useful in coping with stress and as a quick and quality method of regeneration after strenuous efforts. Moreover, the E Rejuvenation spine treatments are also important for athletes because in almost every sport the spine is strained and very often painful.

E Rejuvenation helps the athletes to focus better, increases their concentration and mental strength while the mental stability helps to achieve outstanding performances. During my practice of rehabilitation and sports medicine, I often deal with businessmen who try to get rid of stress by intense sports activities. I would recommend also to them the E Rejuvenation method of mental and physical relaxation by which inner poise is restored in the body (homeostasis) and thus in a natural way the mechanisms of regeneration and elimination of adverse effects of stress are triggered.

Prof. Dragutin Košuta, M.D., Surgeon

Based on the tests, interviews and observations conducted on 1,000 patients, we can conclude that the E Rejuvenation program brings about significantly good results with the majority of users in terms of their restoration of energy, resistance to stress and the enhancement of mental and physical state.

This inevitably leads to the improvement of staff performance, that is, E Rejuvenation directly improves working potential and its effect.

The E Rejuvenation program is a unique, pleasant, natural, easily acceptable, healthy and a useful method of acquiring the mentioned results. It is especially suitable for managers of various profiles, overworked employees, creative professions and for the treatment of failing health. It can also contribute to a better quality of life.

Prof. Miroslav Radman, M.D., Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Molecular Biologist

I can express my personal interest for the research of a possible connection between the E Rejuvenation program and the reduction of the level of oxidative cell damage from blood during the E Rejuvenation program.

Oxidative protein damage correlates the best with the aging process of people and animals which is not surprising since the proteins are working, functional molecules of life. If it is proved that the E Rejuvenation program leads to the reduction of molecular damage that causes aging, it would mean that this program can really rejuvenate.

The reduction of functional protein damage results in the prevention of all aging-related diseases that cause death and such a prevention would indispensably lead to a new lease of life.