E Rejuvenation Programs

The E Rejuvenation Centres provide unique services for the corporate and individual markets at present. The selection and type of program depends on the needs and goals of each individual or corporate client.



In addition to the prevention of problems and health promotion, E Rejuvenation changes your lifestyle; the way in which you work, interact and achieve your goals.


E Rejuvenation program

The program was created to combine a state of deep relaxation with the targeted stimulation of the energy and nervous systems, and an education in life technology, all in an intensive energy field created for you by the ER experts. Day after day, by enjoying yourself, you improve the quality of your life.

E Rejuvenation Spine program

A unique spine treatment has been created in combination with new expertise and ancient techniques. It combines general body revitalization with the goal of activation of an energy exchange and the elimination of blockages which are often the root cause of pain in body parts and along the spine.

‘One to one’ E Rejuvenation Private Sessions

These consultations speed up the achievement of desired results and you will learn how to use new insights in all segments of your life. The ER consultants are specialized in providing natural solutions in relationship and health issues and the establishment of better business success and material independence and creativity.



Corporate E Rejuvenation is an novel trend of personnel investment – in the employees – of the company. Healthy and satisfied employees are innovative and create added value.

The E Rejuvenation corporate programs are therefore directly aimed at company development by investing in the well-being of its management and/or other significant wealth creators in the work force.


E Rejuvenation Corporate Programs

Healthy People – Wealthy Company

We provide education on energy sustainability, the acquisition of good habits, increase efficiency, stress management raising awareness of the team’s collective energy and responsibilities.


When you want to be completely different from the others, choose a reward that your employees merit. Show your business partners that you really appreciate them.

Business Events

We organize original presentations and business meetings in a positive environment for the companies that wish to provide an exceptional experience for their business partners.