Anti-Stress Insurance

Croatia Osiguranje (Health Insurance Company) included innovative 'anti-stress treatments' in its insurance policies.

Better reaction to stress, better concentration and communication and an increased working capacity are direct positive effects on the physical and mental balance that the majority of the E Rejuvenation program users felt as early as after the third treatment.

This is an innovative anti-stress treatment that Croatia Osiguranje included in its additonal health insurance policies and offered a completely new and unique concept of care to its insured in the Croatian market.

The E Rejuvenation program increases work performance but it also acts as a preventive measure and has shown itself ideal for inclusion in the top-quality health care programs that have become indispensable in today's stressful and very often hectic pace of life. Stress is a primary cause of a number of diseases that cause the average 25 day sick-leaves of employees per year. The annual cost exceeds the amount of 200 million USD.

Spine difficulties, bad concentration, inclination to making mistakes, headaches and insomnia are just a few of the harmful health problems caused by stress. These few of many difficulties reduce productivity by up to 40%. Since stress is a quiet and very often invisible agent of serious health problems, its prevention should become an integral part of modern, quality health protection. The specialist and systematic check-ups are just a part of health prevention that anti-stress education programs complement excellently and raise awareness of how to cope with stress.

"Our health prevention programs were complemented with a clear objective because apart from specialist and systematic check-ups a businessperson needs additional care that will provide good health, lower stress levels and at the end of the day contribute to better performance and company business success" – explained Dr. Branka Erdelji, from Croatia Health Insurance.

The results of a new anti-stress program were monitored by Prof. Dragutin Košuta, M.D, surgeon. The conclusion of analysis made from the sample of 350 users who have each had ten successive anti-stress E Rejuvenation programs is the following: "the E Rejuvenation program brings about significantly good results with the majority of users in terms of their restoration of energy, resistance to stress and the enhancement of mental and physical state. This inevitably leads to the improvement of work performance; that is, E Rejuvenation directly improves working potential and its effect."