E Recharge – New Technology for quick recovery of Life Energy!


As we all know success does not come by itself - it is always a result of the energy invested by the key people leading any business. And it is equally accepted that investing in the latest technologies will boost progress and make a company more successful. So, the real question is how to increase the energy capacity of those key people your company’s results depend upon. This challenge can easily be taken on by the E Recharge programs!

We present you with our four modules:


E Recharge Time

The Program for fast energy recovery - to always be a step ahead. Choose your preferred location and invest in your key employees to quickly raise their energy levels so they can deliver the results you expect and need from them Or, show your business partners that you really appreciate them.

E Recharge Time is a 2 – 5 day program and takes place in 4 or 5 star hotels at select locations, generally on the Adriatic coast. In a pleasant environment and small groups, this intensive program provides several types of services as well as unique knowledge, both personalized. Each program is tailor-made to the needs of the company and its employees or business partners. Read more...

E Recharge Class

A unique educational and motivational program already used by over 1,000 clients in Europe and intended primarily for companies which want to raise productivity and satisfaction levels of their employees.

E Recharge Class is designed for teams crucial to achieve business goals in a company. These programs are organized for the duration of 1 to 3 months and take place at a location in the vicinity of the company base. In order to reach a company’s goals, we carefully prepare in advance by interviewing employees, managers and Human Resources management. Read more...

E Recharge Executive

Your energy level decides the quality of your life - and thus your results in life.

The success of the E Recharge program is based on the principle that personal and business results depend on the quality and capacity of each person’s energy. Guided by this fact we created an original and natural program, using specific knowledge which leads to deep and genuine changes in a person and group. The program is designed primarily for business people who are exposed to high levels of stress and want a simple, efficient and natural way to achieve concrete results.

E Recharge Executive is an individualized program designed according to the personal goals of the participants over a duration of 3 to 12 months. The program takes place at one of the E Recharge centers, also as a weekend program, with the option of video conferencing. Read more...

E Recharge Station

Your company is built and developed by the people who work for you. A company's success depends on the people who, day by day, year in, year out invest their energy into the business activities.

The energy of your employees is the key to the success of your company as a whole.

E Recharge Station is an investment which ensures success of your business. It is a type of license which enables the company to use specific knowledge and techniques over a period of 5 years in order to improve the wellbeing of its employees. The establishment of an E Recharge centre within a company will influence it by creating a 'culture of positivity, creativity and health’.Read more...