E Rejuvenation provides real results.


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Žito Hrvatska

Marko Pipunić, CEO

The ER program was introduced into our firm with the view of promoting health and well-being of our employees.


Corporate Clients

Adria Media Zagreb

Peter Van Kol, (ex) CEO

The program has helped me in my work and management and has inspired me to create a new unique magazine, SENSA.


BNP Paribas Cardiff Insurance

Ana Ivančić, CEO

Since the E Rejuvenation program has had a positive impact on me, I have concluded it will also have a beneficial effect on the people in my working environment.


American Express Croatia

Nina Oberiter Gluhak, Supervisory Board

The E Rejuvenation program has really helped our managers and has made us stronger and more resistant to stress.



Volvo, Anamarija Hucika, Marketing & Communication South East Europe

E Rejuvenation is the ideal partner for all promotions of brands centered on people.


Beiersdorf (Nivea)

Nataša Lujanac, Brand Activation Manager

"The best sales conference ever! these are the words by which our female and male colleagues described the conference organised at the E Rejuvenation Centre.


Dow Jones - Financial News UK

Dominic Simpson, Director Global Licensing Sales

Each team member achieved above 100% of the set aim that in the long run led to the realisation of the business plan, it was even increased for 6%.


Financial News UK

Claudio de Oliveira, Sales Executive

It really worked well.

I closed a deal that I had been chasing for months and it’s actually come back at a doubled revenue much to the surprise of everyone in the company because they thought that contract was no longer coming in


Individual Clients

Gerry Armstrong

ATP Chair Umpire/Supervisor

My first visit to E Rejuvenation was an amazing experience. My body and mind felt relaxed and recharged giving me a greater focus on the issues of the day ahead.


Goran Prpić

Tennis coach (former professional player and national team selector – Davis & Fed Cup)

E Rejuvenation may help the professional athletes in reaching a completely new level of mental and physical results and mental and physical stability.


Željko Oreški

IFATCA Europe Vice-President

The cost- benefit analysis show that the introduction of anti-stress program saves money. Namely, the ratio of the invested and repaid money is one to four, that is, for 1 Euro invested at workplace in the stress prevention program you get 4 Euros.