Recharge your life!

The quality of your life depends
on the quality of your energy.

Having this in mind, the E Rejuvenation team created an original, innovative and natural system, the E Rejuvenation program, based on insights energy medicine and the thousands of years old Traditional Chinese Medicine provided.

Using a combination of their own, specific expertise plus natural energy to regenerate every cell in your body, the E Rejuvenation program gives rise to deep and striking changes.

It is designed primarily for business people.

They are exposed to high levels of stress and they want a simple, efficient and natural way to get positive results.

The results are reflected in the prevention of problems with and improvement of:

  • psychological and physical health
  • personal and professional relations
  • personal and professional success



Burnout is caused by stress due to excessive working, which is characterized by fatigue, irritability and apathy. The Anti-Stress program is designed for people who want to protect their health and establish a stable psycho-physical balance.


The E Rejuvenation corporate programs are directly aimed at company development. Healthy and creative employees are innovative and create added value.

Balanced Spine

A combination of new expertise and ancient techniques has led to a unique spine treatment. It combines general body revitalization with the goal of targeted activation of an energy exchange and the elimination of blockages which are often the root cause of pain in body parts and along the spine.


How does E Rejuvenation work?

It promotes deep relaxation; the opposite state of the body to the stress response.

A long period of stress response results in the depletion of vital energy of our body. For this reason, the body benefits from a treatment that will boost the state opposite to the stress response, in other words, the reaction of relaxation.

  Better mood
  Sharper mind


  • Željko Oreški

    The cost- benefit analysis show that the introduction of anti-stress program saves money. Namely, the ratio of the invested and repaid money is one to four, that is, for 1 Euro invested at workplace in the stress prevention program you get 4 Euros.
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  • Nataša Lujanac

    The best sales conference ever! these are the words by which our female and male colleagues described the conference organised at the E Rejuvenation Centre.
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  • Gerry Armstrong

    My first visit to E Rejuvenation was an amazing experience. My body and mind felt relaxed and recharged giving me a greater focus on the issues of the day ahead (Supervisor - PBZ Zagreb Indoors, 2014.).
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  • Nina Oberiter Gluhak

    The E Rejuvenation program has really helped our managers and has made us stronger and more resistant to stress.
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  • Anti-Stress Insurance

    Stress prevention - a unique concept for the insurance market. Croatia Osiguranje (Health Insurance Company) included innovative 'anti-stress treatments' in its insurance policies.

    Better reaction to stress, better concentration and communication and an increased working capacity are the direct positive effects on the physical and mental balance that the majority of the E Rejuvenation program users felt as early as after the third treatment.

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